A Special Deal: Editor's Toolkit Ultimate!

If you are looking for the perfect macro package, you need look no further than Editor's Toolkit Ultimate.

Editor's Toolkit Ultimate combines three standalone macro programs into a single package. The three programs are Editor's Toolkit Plus from The Editorium, PerfectIt from Intelligent Editing , and EditTools. If purchased individually, the three products would cost $237.95, but by ordering them together through the following special link, you get all three products for $159.95 — a savings of $78:

Editors Toolkit Special Link (not available at this time)

Important: Each product needs to be downloaded from its own website; they cannot be downloaded from the special link. Use the special link above only to purchase the combined Editor's Toolkit Ultimate and to receive your licenses.

The 3 Stages of Copyediting

A series of articles at the An American Editor blog titled "The 3 Stages of Copyediting" discussed the use of macros and some of the macros that make up Editor's Toolkit Ultimate. The articles and their links are:

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